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Is Anyone Tracking All This New Lightning Tech?

Maybe we’re going crazy, but is anyone tracking all this new upcoming Lightning cable tech that’s coming out now that the iPhone 7 has been released?

Seriously, it seems like everyone can’t stop talking about the cameras, the new shiny black, or the new Airpods. People are either shouting angrily about the new audio dongle’s or they’re rejoicing in iOS 10 and the new improved battery life of the iPhone 7. We simply want to know, why isn’t anyone talking about Lightning connector headphones!

Seriously, this is on of the biggest advances in audio technology in decades, and everyone’s still hung up about pictures? What’s going on? Dropping the audio jack for a single Lightning port is a stroke of genius. Sure people will be upset in the short-term, but in the long term, people, or “sheeple” as they’re sometimes called, need a little push to adopt new tech. In this case Apple is like a wise parent, pushing it’s children to “try new things”.

Sure enough, once we do gather up the courage to try, we like what we have. Lightning cable experts at Lightning Cans, are dedicated to exploring this new and wonderful way to consume audio.

As they point out on their blog, Lightning isn’t just about pure, wonderfully HD audio experiences, it’s also about the transfer of electricity to amplifiers, digital analog converters, and head units themselves. Headphones are turning from a “dumb tech” into a “smart tech”. The possibilities are endless, from super charged listening experiences, to haptic feedback on our heads (coooool) to even motion sensors to capture which way we’re facing. Imagine adjusting your volume just by nodding your head up or down? Cool right?

The first wave of new headphones to take advantage of this tech are exploratory but they are already exciting. From the planar magnetic tech of the Audeze Sine and EL-8 Titanium lines, to the active noise cancelling properties of the JBL Reflect Aware, which pack ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION into tiny, sweat-proof earbuds! Who would have dreamed of this just a few years ago!

We’ve just stumbled upon, or “pushed upon” more accurately, a massive new unexplored territory. It’s crazy how much time media is dedicating to covering things that are now pretty much old news. Hardly anyone outside of Lightning Cans are covering future possibilities.

Hopefully it is only a matter of time that outlets like Engadget, Verve, Wirecutter and all their hipster friends start trying the new corded audio standards that are Lightning connected headphones and earbuds. This probably wont’ happen until the big name manufacturers like Sony, Audio Technica, and Bose release their iPhone-specific headsets.. which, we’re hoping will be out in time (are you listening Santa?) for the Christmas shopping season.

At least there are a few underground blogs talking about it now, and hopefully equipment manufacturers are hard at work now in their little R&D labs dreaming up future headphones that will blow us all out of the water.

Sure, we feel a little sad at saying goodbye to our own headsets but whatever, this is simply the price to pay for progress. Look forward and not backwards, embrace this new tech with us and join our hands as we walk excitedly into the technologically brilliant future awaiting us and our dainty little ears.